The details are what can transform any project from a simple idea to a beautifully finished product. We are dedicated to executing your project down to the most minute of details. There is no excuse for a lack of thoroughness on a project. At the end of the day we like to ensure our clients to view their finished project and see perfection.


With over a decade of experience and expertise, IBSM Roofing and Construction has proved to be one of the leading roofing and construction companies in Central Ohio.  Beginning humbly, the owner Bobby Sword, decided to share his expertise with the community by providing high quality roofing and construction services at an affordable price. His strong attention detail and passion to provide the best services around has provided him the opportunity to now have a team of 20+ highly trained professionals.


IBSM Roofing and Construction strongly believes that two-way communication is the only way to ensure that projects are completed to the customers exact specifications. We make it a top priority to keep our customers informed on the development of their project, any arease of concern that we may find and we strongly encourage client feedback. IBSM believes that honest and prompt communication is essential in any client relationship.


As a custom roofing and construction company we genuinely care about your project no matter the size. We understand that we are not only performing a task but also have great respect that you have instilled trust in us to improve your home or business. You can rest assured we take our craft seriously and will devote ourselves to completing each project to the exact standards in which you had envisioned. 

IBSM Roofing and Construction

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